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I has one

So I got with the times and now will be annoying on a Tumblr, in addition to all the other ways in which I am annoying. So come say hi! or...however...that works.

I've not got much on there, yet but give me time! And a crayon...
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Happy happy Halloweeen

So I just got back from the Disneyland Halloween party and it was pretty awesome! My friends Aleks and Michelle and I all went as an ensemble group: Jurassic Park! Aleks was Dr. Grant, Michelle was Dr.Sattler and I was Muldoon. We roughed ourselves up with makeup and dirt and had a blast! Most people did not recognize us right off the bat, but once we gave them a hint (I was wearing Muldoon's InGen ID badge), they would say "Oh, Jurassic Park!"
The one person to get it right off the bat without anyone saying anythig was Jack Sparrow. We were waiting in line at the Pirates photo location and he was winding his way through the line, having traded with Peter, Hook and Wendy. Gotta hand it to Captain Jack, he was stopping and talking to every group for a minute or two, knowing full well that most of the groups were there for him. Being the people in line for whoever happened to be there to take pics and not even knowing it'd be him, our group kind of stood off a bit to let him pass by. He stopped, looked at us, and put on Aleks' Dr. Grant hat. He then declared it wasn't the right hat for him, looked over at me and gestured to Aleks saying "Shoot her", in a conversational manner. I am ashamed to say it took me five full seconds to process that he had said my character's signature line, the one I'd been saying a lot that day. I was like "Oh! Oh man! Yes! Thank you!" but he was already on down the line.
I don't get to go places in costume nearly enough and that was soooo much fun! I wish I could do it again! I'mso glad I've gt friends who'll geek out and go all obscure movie costume with me. Pictures and further stories later, when I'm not ridiculously tired. :)
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Comment to be added.

Oh yeah, um...if you're already on my friends list don't worry. You're already my friend. :D But you could like, still comment and beg for my favor if you like.
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Goin' to Mouscars tonight, y'all! It's sorta like Disney oscars, I guess. I'm a nominee and everything! Let's see how this goes down. XD
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Tonight is a good night. First of all, it is the last night before my Florida trip. Second of all: OH MY GOD!!! I FOUND IT!! I FOUND IT!!!

They said it didn't exist. They said I was crazy. Well, I am crazy. But that is besides the point. The point is I can now say this:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Bart Simpson's Dracula. :D!!


The next time I update, I will more than likely be in Florida.
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Poll #741921 To Name An iPod

What should Erika name her new iPod?

Ralph (pronounced Rafe, as in Fiennes, baby)
Jim-Bob (don't pick this)
Other (leave a suggestion!)
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Last post of the day, I swear

I made a new community! Well, vorpalmuse and I made it. Well, really, she's the brains behind it all. I was just the monkey.

The community is called the no_life_society and I encourage all of you to check it out and join! Or well, those of you without those pesky things called lives. Really, this community is for anything and everything under the sun. All those random thoughts people have, all the random doodles or story snippets or observations or anything. So...go check it out! Tell your friends! :D
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Late night stressing

Watch as I entertainingly talk myself down from panic. Late at night tends to have me sorta diverge. :P

What'm I gonna do, what'm I gonna do??? I'm soooo not prepared for this final!! *paces in circles for an hour* Okay, okay. You're up late, and you're journaling. Pull yourself together, woman. You can do this. I swear. You've done it before, right? Right. Okay, then. Step one, for the love of all that is small and fuzzy and rodent-like, stop pacing! Pacing gets nothing done. Step two, work on your sheet tomorrow morning. There's nothing you can get down now that you're an emotional wreck, you'll only hurt yourself. Got that? Very good.

Now, proceed as though everything is going really well. Even if you aren't prepared, you can study tomorrow until you are. Your Psych exam is secondary. Secondary, I tell you. You must pass this business law exam or I will never ever forgive you. Which is...forgiving myself...I guess? It's too late at night to bother with details. Just go lay down and turn off the light and chill. 'Kay? Do that for me? Trust me, it'll help.

No, not after you read your friendslist. Now.

But but but corporations and liability and and and....


If I were saying this out loud, I'd probably get committed right about now. Sheesh!

Gone crazy, be other time.
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I memed

I memed again. I'm a nerd. You guys know what to do. Share the love. Put this up. Help me achieve infamy. Or...something.

You as a Warlord by collie_wing
Lover or fighter?
Your warlord nameGobbriff the Pincher of Tushes
Weapon of choicePitchfork
Why you will go down in infamyOn the eve of battle you always had a slumber party
How you meet your endYou don't die, your spirit gets passed on via renicarnation and currently resides in some emo chick
When the high budget biopic comes outMay 22, 2039
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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